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Co-Parenting Essentials
​Program "COPE"

For security purposes and to insure preparation for the attendance of the COPE Class, the location of class is not furnished to parents until they pay for and download the reading and homework for the first session of the program. Many parents feel confused because the location is not published, however, there are good reasons for this policy. Contact While all necessary information is provided on the website and contained in emails after parents have enrolled, we know that there are some circumstances that will require further assistance. Parents are welcome to contact COPE Administration regarding their attendance in the program by email or text message, if after reading all available information at, there are remaining questions about the COPE program.

Classes are composed of a small group of parents. The COPE class meets for 8 two hour sessions. You will not attend the same group as your child’s other parent. The class is a supportive environment with strict guidelines for participation which will be explained during the first session. All parents are expected participate in the process and will receive support from one another and feedback from the Instructor in the class. Each parent will identify changes that they are willing to make. Together, goals and objectives will be established to help insure that a long term positive change in handling co-parenting conflict will occur.

The process may be anxiety provoking for some parents as the class is designed to help challenge participants to make important changes that may be identified during the class.   Although looking at one’s self can bring about feelings of vulnerability, the

  • The total cost of the COPE Program ranges from $170.00 for lower income, to $450.00 for higher income level parents. Please read more about the cost of the COPE Program on the "Cost of COPE Program" and "Sliding Fee Scale for COPE" Pages.
  • The enrollment fee is a mandatory, non-refundable $50.00 fee for every parent. A sliding fee is not available for the enrollment fee expense.
  • The entire program can be paid for at once, or payments for the cost of classes can be spread over 8 weekly payments. 

Do you need to complete the COPE Program?

  1. Prepare to attend the first session of COPE by reading and understanding all the information in the first section of the COPE Book. 
  2. Determine if you qualify for a Discount in the COPE program by looking at the table on the Sliding Fee Scale Page. 
  3. Pay for your first COPE class, or all 8 classes if it is more convenient for you.
  4. Open your email from COPE, download and complete the writing assignment for the first COPE class. This writing assignment will be collected by your Instructor during the first session on COPE.
  5. Know where to find out about the Location of your Class.

Location of COPE

COPE Program

The COPE program is designed to assist parents in developing the skills and coping to adjust to a high conflict co-parenting relationship. Through goal setting and writing activities, the curriculum will help parents identify and overcome barriers to happiness, effective parenting, and conflict resolution. Educational goals are to help parents reduce or disengage in conflict with one another and to educate and confront parents about the damaging effects their conflict may on their children. Parents will learn new ways to think about co-parenting, communicate, and problem solve. The highest goal of the COPE Program is to make sure both parents can remain active participants in parenting your children, to understand,​ and be accountable under the law.

Parents Must Be Prepared!



  1. Literacy in English reading and writing. COPE Classes are not offered in any other language at this time. 
  2. Computer literacy and consistent internet access. 
  3. Parents must have and use an active email address. 
  4. Ability to pay for the COPE Program. Parents should not contact COPE Instructors regarding their inability to pay. 
  5. Parents must have and be able to use an ATM, Debit or Credit Card to pay for COPE. Payment for enrollment and weekly classes cannot be handled in class, by phone or through the postal service. We do not accept cash or personal checks.

Why are you being ordered to the COPE Program?

A Word to the Wise

What do I need to do after I enrolled in the COPE Program?

If you have been ordered or referred to the Co-Parenting Essentials Program (COPE) you must understand the following information. Please read this information carefully to avoid common misunderstandings, oversights,
​and last minute confusion about the COPE Program. 

Admission Requirements

COPE Program

Many parents hold mistaken ideas about the COPE Program and wait until the day of class to read the information provided to them by email. When parents discover that there is more to the program than they expected, they feel shocked and panicked. Unfortunately, due to our limited resources of time, your COPE Instructor may be unable to help parents find their way in the COPE program in the final days or hours leading up to the beginning of the first session. Parents are advised to enroll in the program and make themselves familiar with all the requirements to begin the class as soon as possible after receiving their order or court referral.

Cost of the COPE Program

In COPE, preparation is required before each and every class, including the first session of COPE. After enrollment,parents will receive an email containing a download with detailed directions for going forward. Important information and directions for completion of the program will be provided by email and downloads from the website. For this reason you should use ONLY ONE EMAIL throughout the course of the program. It is imperative that parents open and read all email from COPE after enrollment. There is information key to the completion of cope that will ​be provided ONLY by email and downloads from COPE. COPE Instructors will not provide you the information telephonically. 

process is necessary for growth and change to occur. Parents can expect to experience a full range of human emotions in the COPE Program as we are exploring deeply held beliefs and convictions. Although COPE Instructors always strive to facilitate the process with respect and understanding of differing points of view, parents are asked to suspend their current points of view to explore new concepts that will be presented during the class. 

What to Expect in the COPE Class.

Providing Support and Education  for High Conflict Co-Parents.


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