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Santa Maria
Upcoming Class Schedule:

Mondays, 6 pm to 8 pm
 Beginning January 25th, 2016
Ending March 14th, 2016
8 Meetings


Tuesdays, 6 pm to 8 pm
 Beginning January 26th, 2016
Ending March 15th, 2016
8 Meetings

Each co-parent attends
a different class
as assigned by the court

Seating is limited  -  read all information below
and enroll now
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with VISA / MasterCard
Santa Barbara
 Upcoming Class Schedule:

Mondays, 6 pm to 8 pm
 Beginning February 22nd, 2016
Ending April 25th, 2016
No classes the weeks before or
after Easter Sunday
8 Meetings

Tuesdays 6 pm to 8 pm
Beginning February 23rd, 2016
Ending April 26
No classes the weeks before or
after Easter Sunday 
8 Meetings

Seating is limited - read all information below
and enroll now 

Click here to enroll online
with VISA / MasterCard

See below for IMPORTANT information about enrolling in the COPE Program


Do you need to complete the COPE Program?

If you have been ordered or referred to the Co-Parenting Essentials Program (COPE) you must understand the following information. Please read this information carefully to avoid common misunderstandings, oversights, and last minute confusion about the COPE Program.

Admission Requirements

  • Literacy in English reading and writing. COPE Classes are not offered in any other language at this time. 
  • Computer literacy and consistent internet access. 
  • Parents must have and use an active email address. 
  • Ability to pay for the COPE Program. Parents should not contact COPE Instructors regarding their inability to pay. 
  • Parents must have and be able to use an ATM, Debit or Credit Card to pay for COPE. Payment for enrollment and weekly classes cannot be handled in class, by phone or through the postal service. We do not accept cash or personal checks.

Cost of the COPE Program

The total cost of the COPE Program ranges according to income level from $450.00 down to $170.00:

Monthly Income Level Enroll Fee* Wkly Disc Coupon code** Wkly Fee***  Total Cost
$1731.00 and down $50.00 $35.00 peace $15.00 $170.00
$1731.00 - $2084.00 $50.00 $30.00 growth $20.00 $230.00
$2084.00 - $3500.00 $50.00 $25.00 clarity $25.00 $250.00
$3501.00 - $4501.00 $50.00 $15.00 power $35.00 $330.00
$4502.00 - $6001.00 $50.00 $10.00 strength $40.00 $370.00
$6001.00 and up $50.00 none no coupon $50.00 $450.00

*The enrollment fee is a mandatory, non-refundable $50.00 fee for every parent. A sliding fee is not available for the enrollment fee expense.
**To receive the discount, memorize the coupon code for the discount you qualify for and the code in carefully during the checkout process for the discount.
 ***The entire program can be paid for at once, or payments for the cost of classes can be spread over 8 weekly payments.

Enrollment Process

Enrolling in COPE is a 4-part process.
1) Enroll for the COPE Program online at, by paying the $50.00 enrollment fee.
2) Read and carefully follow all directions for starting the program which will be provided parents automatically via email upon after the $50.00 enrollment fee is paid on the website.
3) Pay for and download the reading and homework for the first class using the sliding fee scale shown on the table above.
4) Confirm with your COPE Instructor by email that you have read and understand all COPE information and will attend your assigned COPE class fully prepared.

Parents Must Be Prepared!

In COPE, preparation is required before each and every class, including the first session of COPE. After enrollment, parents will receive an email containing a download with detailed directions for going forward. Important information and directions for completion of the program will be provided by email and downloads from the website. It is imperative that parents open and read all email from COPE after enrollment. There is information key to the completion of cope that will be provided ONLY by email and downloads from COPE. COPE Instructors will not provide you the information telephonically.

Before each session, parents are required to:
1) pay for their class using the sliding fee scale if qualified, and 
2) download and complete the weekly reading and homework writing assignment.

A Word to the Wise

Many parents hold mistaken ideas about the COPE Program and wait until the day of class to read the information provided to them by email. When parents discover that there is more to the program than they expected, they feel shocked and panicked. Unfortunately, due to our limited resources of time, your COPE Instructor may be unable to help parents find their way in the COPE program in the final days or hours leading up to the beginning of the first session. Parents are advised to enroll in the program and make themselves familiar with all the requirements to begin the class as soon as possible after receiving their order or court referral.

Location of COPE

For security purposes and to insure preparation for the attendance of the COPE Class, the location of class is not furnished to parents until they pay for and download the reading and homework for the first session of the program. Many parents feel confused because the location is not published, however, there are good reasons for this policy. Contact While all necessary information is provided on the website and contained in emails after parents have enrolled, we know that there are some circumstances that will require further assistance. Parents are welcome to contact COPE Administration regarding their attendance in the program by email or text message, if after reading all available information at, there are remaining questions about the COPE program.

For Santa Maria
Contact: Erin Bunnell, Instructor
805.714.200 text only
For Santa Barbara
Contact Rudi Lion
, Instructor
805.453.4826 text only
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